Did you know that the average Australian spends $80 a week eating out or on delivered meals, with millennials spending $100 a week on average?* These numbers are steadily rising, and along with it, the demand of restaurant and takeaway businesses. As of early 2018, the main food delivery services in Australia are estimated to generate a substantial $600 million in order revenue**. The demand is so strong that we're seeing a rise of F&B businesses trading solely in online deliveries.

We are now undoubtedly in the age of food deliveries, drive-throughs and takeaways, and Australians can't get enough of the convenience. But this age of delivery can come at a steep price, both environmentally and from a food safety standpoint. 

Whether we notice it or not, almost everything we consume is packaged - so why settle for low quality (or worse, potentially dangerous) materials? As a business owner, the risk could mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a lawsuit.

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