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Tissue Paper Products

We are now selling tissue paper products.


Premium Toilet Tissue

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Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissues

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EcoVue (Biodegradable)

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Variety of shapes and sizes, take-out containers and food packaging supplies are the backbone of the food and beverage industry. They provide the ease to carry food and beverages at the right temperature in tightly sealed packages allowing customers to enjoy their meals conveniently without much hassle.

Royal Kings AU believes in providing the best supplies to every restaurant, pubs, cafes and any other food and beverage business in a seamless manner, ensuring that a lack of disposable containers and food packaging supplies is not even a factor to be considered for daily business.

We achieve this by partnering with SKP - the award-winning food packaging suppliers in Singapore, known for the quality of products and excellent service. A trusted name since 1991 in the industry for supplying only the highest quality packaging. Having our products tried, tested and trusted worldwide and recognised with four awards in Singapore, we now bring the same quality and service assurance to Australia through Royal Kings.

Acknowledgements include a Service Excellence Award in 2012, Singapore’s Prestige Brand Award in 2014 and Singapore’s Heartland Enterprise Awards for Most Innovative and Best Visual Merchandising in 2014. All products comply with US FDA and European standard. All these awards are a reflection to our dedication to being the most preferred packaging suppliers in Australia and other countries for a large number of food businesses that thrive on disposables containers, and other food packaging supplies wholesale in Australia.

Get all your food packaging supplies with same or next day delivery.

Choose From An Extensive Range Of Premium Packaging Supplies In Australia

Royal Kings AU is the seamless intersection of high-quality products, great value

and convenience. We strive for Royal Kings AU to be a streamlined platform for food packaging supplies wholesale, so that business owners can focus on their core services and not waste time sourcing supplies or worrying about the quality.

Our extensive range of premium plastic food packaging supplies are created using 100% reusable, recyclable and microwave safe #5-PP (polypropylene), the safest heat resistant plastics for food and beverage use & the most accepted by recyclers. Select items are also available in biodegradable materials. Our top products include:

Compartment Containers & Plate (2–5 Compartment)

Large Round Containers (R-series, 3-4L)

Large Square Containers (LSQ-series, 2.5-3L )

Rectangular Set Containers (TF1623, 750-1500ML)

Coffee Cups (8oz- 12oz/16oz)

Plastic Cups (PP & PLC)


Plastic Plates

Round Containers

Sampling Cups

Souffle Cups

Square Containers

Truly Biodegradable, Sustainable Packaging Supplies In Australia

Royal Kings AU is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions as food packaging supplier in Australia, with truly biodegradable and sustainable food packaging supplies. Using the latest in green technology, we have managed to produce plastic that is truly biodegradable. Ecovue plastic has true biodegradability. It breaks down into water, methane, biomass, and carbon dioxide – organic substances.

You can now choose from a whole range of food packaging supplies made from Ecovue - Bowls, cups, plates, compartment containers, rectangular containers in many different sizes.

We put your convenience first and are constantly improving our processes to make Royal Kings Co your one-stop-shop for packaging supplies wholesale in Australia. Buy online now with the one-click process and have delivered anywhere in the country on the same day or next day shipping.

We take care of supplies. You take care of your business.

Buy cheap, cost-effective and value-driven disposable food packaging supplies in Australia.

We take care of your supply needs

You focus on your business

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