Plastic Alternatives: Eco-friendly And Sustainable Biodegradable Containers

Royal Kings AU is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions as packaging suppliers in Australia, with truly biodegradable and sustainable food packaging supplies as an alternative to plastic food containers, that are still affordable and convenient to use.

Take a look at how it works - A Green Comparison.

You can now choose from a whole range of biodegradable food packaging made from Ecovue range - Bowls, cups, plates, compartment containers, rectangular containers in many different sizes. You can even customise them by having your logo printed on the cups* (*T&C apply)

We have certificates. If you need a copy? Please email for a copy. 

Make Alternative and eco-friendly choices with the Ecovue range of bilodegradable food containers

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Ecovue: A Truly Biodegradable Food Containers Range By Royal Kings AU

Ecovue is radically redefining green with you.

Royal Kings AU is proud to offer a truly biodegradable food packaging alternative to our customers. That incorporates the best of both the worlds - it is cost-effective, lightweight and durable as a non-biodegradable plastic, but at the same time, it is a sustainable material that truly can decompose in the landfills to be absorbed back by mother earth.

We have an extensive range of Ecovue biodegradable food containers with the following features;

1.Ecovue biodegradable food containers need no special care in storage, unlike other sustainable alternatives in food packaging. They only decompose in landfills.

2.Can handle both high temperature and freezing points with ease to ensure your food is safe for consumption.

3.It is food safe grade material and is microwaveable so that you could reheat and eat without worries.

4.Help you to feel good for choosing a pro-environment product for food packaging supplies.

When you choose to buy Ecovue biodegradable food containers from Royal Kings AU, you are choosing to build a better future for the current and next generation.

Royal Kings AU offers great products are competitive pricing with same day or next day shipping for your convenience.

No matter the type of food packaging, we have the perfect biodegradable food container for you!