Perfect coffee cups with lids to fill up your best brew

Coffee! A single word to infuse energy into absolutely anyone.

Most of us love to begin our day with a hot and invigorating cup of coffee and it goes without saying that type of coffee cups with lids used to pack this hot elixir must be as potent as the liquid it holds. Coffee as a morning beverage is pretty much consumed through takeaway coffee cups to accommodate the morning rush to get on with the busy days. It isn’t uncommon to see stacks of coffee cups and lids lining the walls behind the counter, ready to fill up the hot steaming brew.

If you are a cafe owner or a barista, then you have to have the right supplier for your coffee cups and lids essentials. Royal Kings AU truly understands your needs to have the most efficient & disposable coffee cups with lids, that hold their shape for long, keep the coffee insulated from elements and make it convenient to carry around a hot beverage without scalding any of your customers.

Our triple-walled ripple-wrap disposable paper coffee cups with lids offer optimum insulation and easy drinking lids that let your customers enjoy a hot cup of your best-brewed coffee on-the-go. And ensure that they keep coming back for more!

Royal Kings AU is a supplier of the multi-award-winning premium food packaging company SKP, in Singapore. All our coffee cups with lids are international standards-compliant (US FDA and European standards). We offer premium food packaging supplies at highly competitive prices, so you can optimise your profit margins by purchasing your essentials with us. We offer multiple bundles with our coffee cups with lids to offer you great value. We wish to make your purchase experience with to be comfortable and hassle-free and have our one-click online shop.

You only register once and then place your order every time with just a click. We offer same-day or next-day shipping pan-Australia.

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Value bundles of single-walled White coffee cups with lids at great prices.

Apart from our triple-walled ripple wrap brown coffee cups with lids, we also offer the regular single-walled white coffee cups with coffee cup lids to be used in cafes or as a partyware for any special occasion or catering.

Size and features of Royal Kings AU’s coffee cups with lids;

Royal Kings AU offers the following range in coffee cups with lids;

  1. Single-Walled White coffee cups - in 8oz/230ml 12oz/390ml capacities
  2. Ripple Wrap Triple-walled Black/Brown coffee cups - in 8oz/230ml 12oz/390ml capacities
  3. Black/White Coffee cups lids - in 8oz/12oz/16oz Flat coffee cup lids

Royal Kings AU’s coffee cups with lids have the following quality features;

  1. Paper material with poly-lined coffee cups
  2. Heat sealable to keep the coffee hot and fresh
  3. BPA-Free, CFC-free material
  4. 100% Recyclable
  5. Black/Brown Ripple wrapping for easy holding

And our coffee cup lids have the following quality features;

  1. Durable in quality
  2. Snap-tight fit for appropriate closure
  3. Easy stacking for convenient storage
  4. Crack-resistant
  5. Leak-resistant
  6. Styrene-Free, BPA-Free, CFC-free material
  7. 100% Recyclable

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