Stiff And Sturdy Plastic Drinking Cups For Everyday Use

Disposable food packaging supplies probably first started with plastic drinking cups. These versatile cups make it convenient to serve liquids like juices and water, ensuring the hygiene is maintained with drinking cups as much as it is for packing food dishes.

Plastic drinking cups have been through constant innovation to make them stiffer, sturdier, ensuring that the cups don’t collapse under the weight of water.

SKP Singapore has been innovating plastic drinking cups along with other disposable food packaging supplies to offer the most versatile plastic drinking cups in different capacities. There are large plastic cups suitable for juices and other beverages.

Royal Kings AU brings these premium quality food packaging supplies to Australia through multi-award-winning SKP Singapore. All of our disposable small/large plastic drinking cups, plates and other food packaging containers are world-renowned for their durability, sturdy design, food-safe plastic material and couple-it up with excellent service assurance with a streamlined supply system.

All our small, large plastic drinking cups are of the highest quality and are supplied world over. They are international standards-compliant (US FDA and European standards). We offer premium food packaging supplies at highly competitive prices, so you can optimise your profit margins by purchasing your essentials with us. We wish to make your purchase experience with us to be easy and hassle-free and we also have our one-click online shop.

You only register once and then place your order every time with just a click. We offer same-day or next-day shipping pan-Australia.

Buy durable and sturdy small, large plastic drinking cups at great prices from Royal Kings AU. Talk to us if you wish to know how you can purchase in bulk and to place repeat orders.

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Choose eco-friendly options with biodegradable small & large plastic drinking cups.

Apart from small & large plastic drinking cups in varying sizes, Royal Kings AU also offers truly biodegradable disposable drinking cups with our Ecovue range.

Using the latest in green technology, we have managed to produce plastic that is truly biodegradable. Ecovue plastic has true biodegradability. Along with Polypropylene (PP), a particular bio-additive is carefully blended. It enables the plastic to be broken down by microbes at a much faster rate compared to conventional plastics. It breaks down into water, methane, biomass, and carbon dioxide – all organic substances that are absorbed back into nature, leaving no trace of the plastic.

You can now choose to opt for biodegradable food packaging made from Ecovue range, as an alternative to plastic drinking cups.

Size and features of Royal Kings AU’s biodegradable, large plastic drinking cups;

Royal Kings AU offers the following range;

  1. Plastic Drinking Cups Plain/Ribbed - In 12oz/360m, 14oz/400ml, 16oz/500ml, 22oz/635ml Capacities
  2. Premium Plastic Drinking Cups - In 12oz/360m, 16oz/500ml, 22oz/635ml Capacities
  3. Premium Dessert Cups - 5oz/180ml, 9oz/250ml Capacities
  4. U Shaped Drinking Cups - In 16oz/500ml, 22oz/635ml Capacities
  5. Biodegradable Ecovue Drinking Cups - In 12oz/360m, 14oz/400ml, 16oz/500ml, 22oz/635ml Capacities
  6. Plastic Drinking Cup Dome Lid With A Straw Hole
  7. Plastic Drinking Cup Flat Lid With And Without Straw Holes

Royal Kings AU’s small/large plastic drinking cups have the following quality features;

  1. Polypropylene (PP) plastic material and Polypropylene (PP) with biodegradable additive.
  2. Heat sealable to
  3. BPA-Free, CFC-free material
  4. 100% Recyclable
  5. Clear finish

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