Go big and offer more with our large food containers!

Are you browsing through to find appropriate large food containers for your catering business? Containers that hold their shape and integrity even when they are filled with liquid food like gravies or soups? Are best suited for bakery products?

We have what you need!

Royal Kings AU understands the needs of food and beverage business owners, looking for sturdy, food-safe and quality food packaging supplies to hold and serve their best offering to their customers. Also, customers enjoy quality food delivery and take-aways meals when the food inside remains fresh and doesn’t become soggy and retains the right temperature for consumption. Utilising our large takeaway boxes ensures that both the business and customers expectation is met. It is excellent for businesses to have their customers enjoy and have a joyful takeaway experience, resulting in more repeat business.

We, at Royal King AU, genuinely understand the significance of small and large food containers to the success of many food and beverage businesses. And are committed to bringing quality, durability, affordability and easy-of-buying to all our customers with our range of premium food packaging supplies.

We offer a whole range of durable, cheap, recyclable, reusable and food-safe plastic containers that also include large food containers with capacities starting from 2.5 litres, with leak-proof and tamper-proof lids.

You can buy any of our food packaging supplies - compartment containers, bowls and large takeaway boxes online conveniently with a one-click process. We deliver them pan-Australia, with same day or next day shipping. We are ensuring a seamless supply of your business essentials like large takeaway containers.

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What makes our large takeaway boxes different from others?

When it comes to the food and hospitality industry, hygiene and neatness play a vital role in the success of the business. No matter how irresistibly delicious the food might be, if it isn’t packaged and served with its quality intact, customers may not be willing to revisit them.

And so, the food packaging containers have a huge part to play in the way food is served. Food business owners - restaurants, caterers, bakers, deli owners all are looking for quality with affordability.

We, at Royal Kings AU, are dedicated to bringing premium quality with affordability in our food takeaway containers, including our large takeaway boxes.

Our large takeaway boxes include;

  1. Premium round large food containers - 3 litres and 4 litres capacity with snap-fit round lids.
  2. Premium rectangular large food containers- 2.4 litres and 3.4 litres capacity with snap-fit rectangular lids.

Royal Kings AU’s Large takeaway boxes have the following quality features;

The large takeaway boxes in the round and rectangular shapes are;

  1. Easy stacking for compact storage
  2. Premium quality/heat resistant material - Polypropylene (PP)
  3. Durable in quality
  4. Suited for both hot & cold food
  5. Microwave oven safe for convenient heating.

Our large food container lids in the round and rectangular shapes are;

  1. Durable in quality
  2. Snap-tight fit for appropriate closure
  3. Easy stacking for convenient storage
  4. Crack-resistant
  5. Leak-resistant

All our large takeaway boxes are made in Singapore, are 100% food grade PP, BPA-free and comply with US FDA and European standards for food packaging supplies.

Check out our collection of large takeaway boxes food containers, to pick your choices!