EcoVue | Green In One

Redefining Green through BioTransformation

Maybe paper & sugarcane food packaging become trendy, or maybe everyone is saying miscellaneous/non-recyclable plastic are being banned. Foremost, our Eco-friendly and Biodegradable range of food packaging items, EcoVue, are formulated using new techniques, with the Polypropylene (PP) and a proprietary additive from USA. The Polypropylene undergoes Biotransformation which allows it to biodegrade in landfills, lab tested to be around 64.3% in 205 days and full biodegradation between 1 to 5 years conditions dependent.

As majority of waste end up in landfills throughout the world, we have targeted our products to fulfill this gap.

In terms of biodegradability in landfills, recyclability with other mainstream plastics, shelf life, storage conditions, oxygen required, exposure to sunlight/heat, microplastics formation and biodegradation in commercial and municipal composts, our bio/eco-friendly food packaging in our EcoVue series contain more efficient properties as compared to other alternatives in the market.

A Green Comparison :

Plastic Properties Biodegradable (EcoVue Series) Compostable/ Biobased Plastic/ Starch Based Oxo-Degradable
Biodegradable in Landfills
Recyclable with other Mainstream Plastics
Indefinite Shelf Life
Do not require special storage conditions
Do not require oxygen in order to biodegrade
Do not degrade when exposed to sunlight or high heat
Do not form microplastics when biodegrade
Able to biodegrade in commercial and municipal composts