Wholesalers of Premium food packaging supplies in Adelaide

Mobile food trucks and convenient eateries have dotted the food landscape of Adelaide for a long time. Some of the best foods are served in disposable food packaging supplies in Adelaide. They dish out culinary delights and cuisines for community events, music festivals, private parties or corporate fun day events served conveniently and hygienically in disposable food packaging supplies.

If you are one of the many food business owners in the city, scouting for the premium distributors of food packaging supplies in Adelaide for your everyday business or for catering at big events around the city, then you have come to the right place.

Royal Kings AU has been offering premium food packaging supplies since 1991 to Australia. We have been offering an entire spectrum of disposable plastic food packaging containers in various shapes and sizes to cater to the ever-evolving food businesses.

Hygiene, comfort and convenience are absolutely essential in the takeaway eateries, mobile food trucks and other delivery food businesses. Disposable food packaging and serving supplies allow these businesses to achieve a high level of hygiene, even if it is an eatery on the move. Choosing the right wholesalers of food packaging supplies in Adelaide, significantly contributes towards earning a good reputation for quality packing with delicious food, as well as optimises profit margins.

Here, at Royal Kings AU, we pride ourselves with innovative food packaging solutions that offer durability, cost-effectiveness and convenience to many food businesses to operate within their budgets and succeed.

Royal Kings AU is the master distributor of SKP products in Australia. SKP from Singapore is world-renowned for its innovative and premium food packaging solutions. Their service quality assurance has garnered multiple awards along with some genuinely high-quality products in the food packaging supplies industry.

Browse through our extensive collection of food packaging supplies in Adelaide. All the essentials on one platform with convenient purchase options.

Eco-Friendly biodegradable food packaging supplies in Adelaide

Our extensive range of premium plastic food packaging supplies is created using 100% reusable, recyclable and microwave safe #5-PP (polypropylene), one of the safest heat resistant plastics for food and beverage use. Select items are also available in paper materials.

Our top products include:

  • Bowls
  • Compartment Containers
  • Large Round Containers
  • Large Square Containers
  • Coffee Cups
  • Plastics Cups
  • Plastics Plates
  • Rectangular Containers
  • Round Containers
  • Sampling Cups
  • Souffle Cups
  • Square Containers

For those in search of sustainable, eco-friendly options, we have the Ecovue range of “truly biodegradable” food packaging supplies in Adelaide. The Ecovue range is redefining green for our customers. A special additive makes it biodegradable that it composts into elements that are easily absorbed by nature in landfills.

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