Buy Microwavable And Freezer-friendly Food Prep Containers At Awesome Prices

Meal prepping ahead of time has become the go-to choice for many busy working professionals, working parents, fitness buffs and gym aficionados to ensure that they eat highly nutritious food, in the right portion size and never be left hungry. Food prep containers are your best friend for a healthy lifestyle eating pre-prepped meals.

Royal Kings AU understand the needs of meal preppers and offers sturdy built, microwavable and freezer-friendly food prep containers to support the choice of healthy eating across the country. Our premium, biodegradable and recyclable meal prep boxes come in a variety of shapes that allow you to enjoy any dish you wish to prep and store in the fridge.

We offer single compartment meal prep boxes along with multiple compartment boxes with snap-fits that are leak-proof and easy to carry on your way out. Our food prep containers help to lock the freshness of your food inside and allow you to enjoy your pre-prepped nutritious portion-controlled meal whenever and wherever you want, without the stress of leakage, crumpled package or spillage.

You decide the meals, and we provide solid food prep containers to store them fresh!

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Make Your Life Easier With Our High-quality And Sturdy Meal Prep Boxes

Choosing to make pre-prepared meals is a great way to eat healthy throughout the week for you and your family. Deciding in advance the type of food, nutrition levels, portions for each meal and member of the family contributes positively to healthy eating and keeping everyone fit throughout the week. This helps to achieve your health and fitness goals, and also keeps you from getting overwhelmed when you are hungry when you are tempted to eat unhealthy food.

Royal Kings AU understand your drive towards a healthier lifestyle and strives to bring you the top-quality meal prep boxes at affordable prices. We also offer same day or next day shipping, so you get the meal prep boxes delivered just when you need them.

Our meal prep boxes have the following features:

  • Sturdy design to ensure no spillage or leakage.
  • Microwaveable and freezer-friendly food prep containers to optimise storage and mealtime reheating.
  • Easily stackable design for storage - So they take up less space on the counter
  • Freshness-lock snap-fits to ensure your meal stays fresh and separated.
  • Clear and transparent lids that allow visibility of the meals inside so you can quickly choose and be ready to go.
  • Varied sizes and shapes along with large meal prep boxes, so you can pack any dish you wish to pre-prep.
  • Reusable and fits on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Happy to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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