X'mas & the New Year Trading Hours


We will be closed from the 23rd Dec. to the 1st of Jan. 2024. We will open on the 2nd of Jan. 2024. We wish you and your family Merry X'mas and Happy New Year! Thank you very much for your continued support and we will see you after the new year. 

Urgent Contact during the period. 0449912388. 


Restocking status: 

Next ETA mid Jan. 2024

Last restock 30/11/23


90 FOX DRIVE, DANDENONG SOUTH VIC 3175 (Blue Building Opposite Ozito)

URGENT ENQUIRIES: 044 99 123 88, OR 0433 284 624 OR EMAILS.



28/08/23 - Wholesale Price

We are undertaking a system upgrade for all wholesale clients. If the wholesale prices aren't not applied after logged in, please kindly send us the order, we will process it manually. Sorry for any inconveniences that may have caused you. 

22nd Aug. 2023 - Price increase by Mid Sept. 23

Royal Kings was advised there would be another price increase due to cost of goods & materials caused by the recent inflations. We will review all prices by the mid of Sept. Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued supports. 

Dec 2022 Updates - Price Drop

We managed to secure lower cost of sea freight, the cost of goods have come down and sell prices may have been adjusted lower and will be adjusted lower. 

9th May Updates

Some prices have been adjusted higher while sea freight & fuel price remain high. Prices will be reviewed with cautions upon new arrival of stock. Price may subject to change without notice. 

28th March Updates

Sell prices will be reviewed and adjusted higher from mid-end of April, anticipating approx. 5-8% price increase to some products. This was driven by cost increases in raw materials (more than 20%), advised by the manufacturer. The cost increment will be set temporarily due to recent oil prices, which will be reviewed regularly. Any order placed prior to this date must be on normal buying pattern and no “ buy-in” order is allowed. 

Sea freight may start dropping after March, we will continued monitoring it and action accordingly and timely.   

We very appreciate your continued support. 

 Jan.22 Updates

We are still experiencing challenges of receiving full range of supplies on time. We are hoping that the situation will become better during March 22. For big orders/special orders, please kindly communicate with Stanley in advance on 0449912388, Thank you.  

To all valued customers,

We have recently received feedback from clients re. the price hikes, we sincerely apologize that the last minute decision was made without enough advanced notification. We understand the importance of continuous supply at an affordable price. With the recent cost review, there will not be any price increase within a short term unless there is another wave of COVID-19 back to Australia. Your interest is always our priority. If you have any feedback, please contact Stanley on 0449912388, or email

Last updated 20/12/21. 

RE. Price increase & sea freight delays - last updated 22/11/21.  

Due to recent global supply-chain issues, Royal Kings AU is regrettably forced to increase prices across the product range. The price increases are mainly driven by the shortage of raw materials, labour, and sea freight. Fuel and Sea freight are now at a record high. Severe delays in all shipments (sea & road freight) are expected till the mid next year 2022 due to port congestions, strikes and high demand for shipments.

We strongly suggest all valued clients carefully consider to plan, stock up to maintain the old costs as prices & supplies most likely vary without any notification. 

Royal Kings's order turn around time is still the same - 1-2 business day if the stock is available. There might be delays occur during the last-mile transit. Please be aware that 1-2 business days delays are normal during COVID-19, refer to the transit time/ETA for interstates & domestic deliveries on for more info.  

We will review all costs and selling prices immediately once the situation settles down, It's always been our commitment to maintain stable supplies & prices, we are striving to do so and will continue doing so. Should you have any feedback & questions, please contact 

We appreciate your continued supports and understandings.

Price increase logs,

1st price increase, Aug. 2020

2nd price increase, Aug. 2021

3rd price increase Nov. 2021

4th Price increase Apri. 2022

Supporting documents:

Last updated 22/11/21. 


Shipping delays  

As a result of the ongoing COVID outbreak in Australia, particularly in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, TNT/Startrack are experiencing major impacts on their work force and therefore service levels and wait times on calls to call centres. The recent surge in COVID cases means more people are sick and/or in isolation, and as a result, TNT/Startrack are forced to operate with a significantly reduced workforce. TNT/Startrack are implementing the necessary measures and actions to ensure they can provide customers with the level of service expectations whilst continuing to operate safely. These actions include:

• Extended Domestic transit times will be implemented from Monday 17th, and will apply for at least one week (subject to review).

These extensions are as follows:
Road Express - an additional up to 2 days
Priority Domestic Express - an additional day.

TNT/Startrack apologise for any disruption this will cause and thank you for your support and understanding.

We will advise any further updates as they become available.

Updates: 17/01/22