Restocking status: 

Restocked 29/11/21.

Next Restocking Early Jan. 22. All freight are delayed.  - Last updated 2/12/21


Christmas schedule/Trading hours:

We will be closed from the 24th Dec. 21 to the 11th of Jan.2022. The office will be open from the 12th of Jan. 2022. 

Please kindly ensure that you have enough supplies to carry you through this period. For emergency contact 0449912388. If there is any special order required from the 24th of Dec. to the 11th of Jan., we may be contacted and able to arrange an appointment for collection. 

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to our valued customers for the continued support. It's been a very challenging year for us and we have made difficult decisions. 

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Last update: 3/12/2021. 

To all valued customers,

RE. Price increase & sea freight delays 

Due to recent global supply-chain issues, Royal Kings AU is regrettably forced to increase prices across the product range. The price increases are mainly driven by the shortage of raw materials, labour, and sea freight. Fuel and Sea freight are now at a record high. Severe delays in all shipments (sea & road freight) are expected till the mid next year 2022 due to port congestions, strikes and high demand for shipments.

We strongly suggest all valued clients carefully consider to plan, stock up to maintain the old costs as prices & supplies most likely vary without any notification. 

Royal Kings's order turn around time is still the same - 1-2 business day if the stock is available. There might be delays occur during the last-mile transit. Please be aware that 1-2 business days delays are normal during COVID-19, refer to the transit time/ETA for interstates & domestic deliveries on for more info.  

We will review all costs and selling prices immediately once the situation settles down, It's always been our commitment to maintain stable supplies & prices, we are striving to do so and will continue doing so. Should you have any feedback & questions, please contact 

We appreciate your continued supports and understandings.

Price increase logs,

1st price increase, Aug. 2020

2nd price increase, Aug. 2021

3rd price increase Nov. 2021

Supporting documents:

Last updated 22/11/21.