Royal Kings AU- Face of SKP In Australia For Premium Food Packaging Solutions.

Singapore's largest supplier of Disposable Food Packaging, SKP is now in Australia through Royal Kings AU. Bringing innovative solutions to all your packaging needs with international renowned premium quality in both products and assurance of services.

Seow Khim Polythelene Co Pte Ltd. (SKP) was founded in January 1979 and incorporated during the year 1994. Since then, it has grown to become a company that has revolutionized the plastics disposable food packaging industry in Singapore. We are currently the largest supplier of disposable food packaging and party supplies with a manufacturing arm and 48 retail outlets across the island.

Our customers include popular and established food and beverage outlets (restaurants, fast food chains, coffee shops, food courts, supermarket, etc.) as well as mass-market consumers.

As a master distributor of SKP in Australia, Royal Kings AU is our seamless intersection of high-quality products, great value and convenience. We strive for Royal Kings to be a streamlined platform for business owners to focus on their core services and not waste time sourcing supplies or worrying about the quality.

With the online platform for purchasing SKP products in Australia through Royal Kings, we have to bring you the premium world-renowned food packaging supplies with the ease of a single-click purchase options. We offer pan-Australia delivery through the same day or next day shipping along with warehouse pickup options.

You can browse through our premium range of food packaging supplies and start picking your choices at really competitive pricing.

Pioneering truly biodegradable food packaging with Ecovue range SKP products in Australia

SKP in Australia and the world over is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to today’s packaging needs. Using the latest in green technology, we have managed to produce plastic that is truly biodegradable.

EcoVue is our new, revolutionary line of sustainable packaging SKP products. All EcoVue items are made of polypropylene that is carefully blended with a special biodegradable additive. This enables the plastic to be broken down by microbes at a much faster rate compared to conventional plastics.

You can now choose from a whole range of biodegradable food packaging made from Ecovue range - Bowls, cups, plates, compartment containers, rectangular containers in many different sizes. You can even customize them by having your logo printed on the cups* (*T&C apply)

Make Alternative and eco-friendly choices with Ecovue range of biodegradable food containers. Check out our collection of premium SKP products in Australia.