Recyclable. Reusable, and Cost-effective Plastic Takeaway Containers

Takeaway food containers have become an essential part of food business allowing the customers to pack their favourite meals to-go. They are also versatile as they are microwaveable, to eat when they wish to, and fridge-freezer friendly to store away.

If you are looking for top-grade, leak-proof, and sturdy takeaway food containers to pack your best dishes? Look no further!

Royal Kings AU’s top quality, food-grade, plastic takeaway containers are perfect for packing any variety of food you offer. From cold ice creams to hot coffees containers/cups, soup or salad bowls, sandwich fit rectangular containers or even compartment containers that give you a range of options to pack multiple food items in one compact container; we have it all!

Apart from our wide range of plastic takeaway containers, we now offer truly biodegradable takeaway food containers with our Ecovue range. It is sturdy, durable, cost-effective, easy storage - all the advantages of plastic takeaway containers, plus it is eco-friendly as microbes can compost it to elements easily absorbable by nature.

Browse through our complete range of plastic food containers that include;

  • Bowls - from small to large, in clear & black containers range with lids
  • Compartment containers - 2/3/4/5 compartment containers in both clear, black & biodegradable range with leak-proof lids that keep the food as packed and separated.
  • Large round Containers - With lids, in 2L/3L/4L capacity to pack in large quantity.
  • Large Square containers - in clear range.
  • Coffee cups and dessert cups.
  • Souffle and sauce cups.
  • Plates and more

Why choose Royal Kings AU to buy your take away food containers?

All our take away food containers are supplied in partnership with multiple award-winning SKP food packaging suppliers from Singapore. Trusted since 1991, we have a long legacy of high-quality plastic takeaway containers and excellent service assurance. All our products are tried, tested and trusted worldwide. Through Royal Kings AU, we are able to bring the same top-notch quality biodegradable and plastic takeaway containers to Australia, with the same assurance of services.

Check out our extensive collection of takeaway food containers, to pick your choices!

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